Company Profile

Company Profile


What started out as a small-scale operation to build transmission lines, soon expanded, emerged as a multi-faceted, technology-driven, quality-conscious products and services provider for the diversified, value-added and power sector, implementing reputable projects on a turnkey basis. . By adhering to industry standards, developing its own imaginative HR practice, incorporating benchmark technology, targeting strategic user segments, and building its reputation for innovative solution-finding, Proteus Enterprise Pvt . Ltd. has made qualitative and quantitative leaps each year.


Our Mission is to become a corporation with a dominant position in Transmission sector with continuous growth and embrace changes in this field.
The Aims Of PEPL, as an Emerging Leader
  • To voluntarily adhere to the industry's highest Quality
  • Standards, beyond immediate norms.
  • To be optimally time-conscious (through Time Management at every level-Planning, Execution, Completion, Delivery)
  • To view and nurture our employees as our most precious assets and the pillars of our success.
  • To continuously improve the quality of our human asset, through knowledge and skill upgrade.
  • To be always aware of the end-benefit of our business to the human race.


In the future, as companies and countries make greater efforts to generate more and more power, Proteus Enterprise Pvt . Ltd. will match steps. with them, making critical contributions. We will induct newer technologies as they emerge in the world's

Our Client

  • Torrent Power
  • KP Energy
  • Essar Power Limited
  • Reliance Infrastructure
  • Ford
  • Adani Power
  • Maha Transco
  • Kalapa Taru
  • General Electric

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Also we have our Tesmec Made TSE Stringing Machinery of 4.5 MT, 8 MT, and 16 MT which can per form stringing upto 400KV Line.
We have our tools and tackles for execution of projects for upto 400KV EHV Line.